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Ticket of the Month

The Lumsden and District Lions are pleased to announce that we are
re-starting the Ticket of the Month fundraiser (previously Trip of the Month), which supports playground equipment in Lumsden. TOM of the Month has been running for over 10 years. In that time, the Lumsden Lions have donated more than $100,000. towards playground equipment in Lumsden. In 2020, the TOM fundraiser was suspended due to the pandemic at which time we decided to start giving out CASH prizes each month.  

The Lumsden and District Lions Club is very pleased to announce that the TOM fundraiser is back in 2023. Monthly prizes for the Ticket of the Month range in value from $650 to $4,500! As in previous years, all proceeds will go towards playground equipment.

We are SOLD OUT!

Thank YOU!!

Ticket of the Month

Upcoming Draw: The first of every month.

August 1- Shirley Wong and Vi Williams- $3500.00

September 1- Sherri Renkas- $1550.00

October 1- Sean Weisbrod - $650.00

November 1 - Shelly Flynn - $2000.00

December 1- Florence Holt - $650.00

January 1- Judy Gazda - $3500.00

February 1 - Sheri Renkas - $650.00

March 1 -    Kyla Becker      - $2000.00

April 1 - Roy Anderson - $650.00

May 1 - Dwayne and Janice Schmitz- $2100.

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